Here’s what my clients and colleagues have to say

“I have known Janie for more than 10 years, and for much of that time we were colleagues working alongside one another at The Caterer. We created many events and editorial initiatives together and Janie’s great eye for detail, trustworthiness, thoroughness, exacting standards and reliable nature always gave me confidence in our projects.

“Janie was back then, and continues to be today, a great source of inspiration to me. She is a hard-working individual, is diligent and creative and has a thirst for personal development like no-one else I know. This constant honing of her journalistic skillset ensures she is a relevant freelance writer and digital media specialist and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough for those looking for contemporary media skills.”
Amanda Afiya, director, Amanda Afiya (Media & Communications)

“Janie has been a friend, advocate, supporter and vocal communicator of the ACT Clean plans, messages and values. We met Janie though our support of the Acorn Awards and we are happy to reciprocate this support in the launch of her business.

“Through her skills as a social media specialist, great networker, strategic planner, digital media whizz, and connector and creator of community, we are just looking for the next opportunity to work together.”
Gillian Thomson, director, ACT Clean

“I was absolutely thrilled with the work Janie did on an activity sheet design that I needed for my children’s entertainment business. She bought together the selection of ideas given to her and created something that both my clients and I were really impressed with.

“She was prompt, professional and her attention to detail meant the results were outstanding. I couldn’t believe how quickly she was able to pull it all together. I thoroughly recommend her and will be using her services again. Thanks Janie.”
Cleo Felstead, DJ and children’s entertainer, Clee-J

“Janie is a multi-talented individual who can turn her hand to pretty much anything, be it producing podcasts, creating videos, graphic design, audio production, digital/social media etc. Yes, all that and more as well as being a highly respected journalist!

“Her quick and inquisitive mind, enables her to work at pace to produce creative solutions for clients expediently. She is very comfortable with all things technical so for a techno-phobe like me, her support continues to be invaluable. She has a great sense of fun and it is always a joy to work with her.”
Helen Flint, founder & coach, Helen Flint Coaching

“Janie has been an important part of supporting the launch of Houston & Hawkes. It was crucial to us to have someone who both implicitly understands our industry (contract catering) and knew and understood our aspirations and values.

“Janie was able to articulate clearly this through our website copy. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and we are really pleased with her help in bringing our platform and offering to market.”
Simon Houston, founder & director, Houston & Hawkes

“Janie is a pleasure to work with. The breadth of her skills means that she can turn her hand to any number of digital and multimedia disciplines – making her a hugely valued member of the team.

“In an ever evolving industry, her deep knowledge of digital communications is a real asset to any organisation. Whether it’s video production, web building, podcast production or copywriting, she offers a broad and comprehensive range of skills that complement each other and help us achieve real, tangible, impact for our clients.”
Piers Zangana, director, Susa Comms

“As a start-up it is integral for everyone in our team to be multi-skilled. Janie works at an incredibly high standard. Her attention to detail both with her editorial and design skills are unbound. Janie’s technical ability with regards to web design, HTML/CSS, photoshop, podcast production has enabled us to very quickly produce content for use across all our platforms.

“With regards to our social media marketing side, her evidence based approach and use of analytics has driven our very high audience engagement. She tirelessly works to ensure every detail of our brand is cohesive at all touch points to enforce our brand proposition. Janie’s high level of expertise is an invaluable asset to our committed team.”
Rachel Butterworth, business & strategy consultant